Spiral: From The Book of Saw Has Its Own Unique Visual Style Says Director

Spiral: From The Book of Saw Has Its Own Unique Visual Style Says Director

Darren Lynn Bousman, director of the upcoming Spiral, reveals that the horror film will have a unique visual look compared to other Saw films.

Spiral follows a Detective named Ezekiel Banks (Chris Rock) and his partner (Max Minghella), who are tasked with investigating a series of sadistic murders that are eerily similar to crimes committed in the past, possibly to that of Jigsaw. As Ezekiel delves deeper into the investigation, he manages to find himself at the center of the serial killer’s horrifying game. In addition to Rock and Minghella, the film also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Ali Johnson, Dan Petronijevic, Edie Inksetter, Leila Leigh, and Christopher Tai. Helming the film is Darren Lynn Bousman, a franchise veteran who directed Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV. While fans may believe Bousman will be bringing a familiar aesthetic to the film, he has recently opened up about how Spiral will feel different from his other Saw films.

In a recent interview with ComingSoon, Darren Lynn Bousman discussed how Spiral will have a distinct visual style. When explaining how the film will feel compared to the other Saw films, Bousman stated, “It started with an idea of ‘What if we made this movie take place on the hottest day of the summer?’” He goes on to say,

“This is obviously not the first movie to do it, there’s a ton of amazing movies, Spike Lee’s done it with some of his movies, Angel Heart does it where heat plays a huge role in the film and so in this film, heat plays a very important role. So Jordan and I went out to make every environment feel hot and that goes from air conditioning being broken to a sun always being down on people, which creates a claustrophobic kind of feel without having to make the movie claustrophobic.”

While Bousman is certainly setting out to make a film that stands apart from past installments in the series, fans have already begun to theorize how it will tie-in and connect to previous entries in the Saw franchise, especially after its first trailer debuted. In fact, many fans are hoping that the reboot manages to answer the lingering questions that remain from previous Saw films. Since working on his last entry in the Saw series, Saw IV, Bousman has since gone on to direct a wide variety of films that include Repo! The Genetic Opera, Mother’s Day, 11-11-11, and St. Agatha.

When it was initially announced that Rock was developing a reboot of the Saw franchise, it certainly managed to stir up a palpable curiosity from franchise’s fans. While Rock may not have seemed like the ideal choice to bring the series back to life, the marketing for the film thus far has been strong, managing to feel similar enough to previous Saw films, while appearing to forge its own path within that cinematic universe. Giving the film a visual look that differs from the franchise is a step in the right direction, and Bousman’s approach sounds like it could add some needed intensity and claustrophobia to the proceedings. Hopefully, Bousman and Rock can give this franchise a refreshing facelift and remedy 2017’s Jigsaw’s mistakes with Spiral.