Pixar’s Soul May Skip Theaters To Release On Disney+

Pixar’s Soul May Skip Theaters To Release On Disney+

Pixar’s latest release, Soul, may follow Mulan by debuting on Disney+ instead of in theaters, as part of a major shake up in 2020 release dates.

Now, Deadline has hinted that Soul may also debut on Disney+ as part of its wide-ranging report on the latest release date shuffles caused by the ongoing closure of major theater markets due to the coronavirus pandemic. Buried alongside the significant news that both Wonder Woman 1984 and Black Widow could be delayed again, is a single line that says there is “loose talk” that Pixar’s latest has been earmarked for a Disney+ release. That’s nowhere near a confirmation, but it reveals that sources have heard it being discussed.
Joe played by Jamie Foxx in Pixar Soul

If the rumored strategy turns out to be accurate, it will make sense for a movie like Soul. As a family-friendly film, Soul will appeal to parents who would rather not venture out to a theater during winter, especially if the pandemic is still ongoing. If Disney times the release correctly, Soul could hit Disney+ just in time for the Christmas period, capturing the attention of families when they are likely to be together at home.

The news also indicates that Disney might have permanently altered the way it releases non-tent-pole films in the future. While Pixar movies are traditionally money makers for the studio, they don’t bring in the massive grosses that superhero movies like Avengers: Endgame do. As such, they are prime targets for Disney+’s Premier Access program, introduced for Mulan, given they still have a chance of making back their budget, and will appeal to families who are looking for some new home entertainment. All of this points to Soul reflecting the new normal and helping to establish a new release strategy for the media giant.