Borat 2 Plot Details & Title Reportedly Revealed

Borat 2 Plot Details & Title Reportedly Revealed

Borat 2 will reportedly follow the titular reporter who, now a famous figure, must pretend to be someone else to hide from the public in a meta story.

In August, a fan spotted Cohen in character as Borat driving a pickup truck in Los Angeles with a film crew following in a separate car. The video shocked fans as it had previously been believed that Cohen was retiring the character since his trademark mustache and large hair were now easily recognizable, which would ruin his attempt at going undercover and having genuine interactions with people. Recent reports stated that Cohen has in fact been working on a Borat sequel. The secret project has already finished filming, and Cohen even test screened the film for a select group of people in the industry. Now more details are emerging regarding the new film.

According to The Film Stage, Borat 2 is reportedly titled Great Success and, in a meta-story, centers around Borat, who is now a celebrity and must pretend to be someone else to hide from the public. The film is also said to touch on Trump and Epstein’s relationship and the coronavirus, and will include cameos from Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani and more. One of the cameos also reportedly could derail a political career.

While details about the director or studio involved in the sequel have not yet been revealed, the film could see a release later this year around election time considering the film’s political narrative. Larry Charles directed the first film, with Cohen and Jay Roach producing, however, it’s unclear whether Charles and Roach are involved again. Cohen initially created the character Borat for his popular comedy series Da Ali G Show, which followed the same undercover and satirical style. Borat earned Cohen a Golden Globe nomination and received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay. If these plot details surrounding the film turn out to be true, Borat 2 could turn into a huge success like its predecessor.

Cohen and production have overall successfully kept Borat 2 under wraps, considering they were only caught filming once the whole time. Judging by the latest plot details, the sequel should be just as, if not more, outrageous and politically incorrect as the first movie. Cohen’s ability to mock the worst parts of American culture and expose homophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism was what made the film and its titular character so popular.