Black Suit Superman Unleashes His Powers In Justice League Snyder Cut Fan Poster

Black Suit Superman Unleashes His Powers In Justice League Snyder Cut Fan Poster

Superman, wearing his famous black suit, unleashes the full extent of his powers in this excellent Justice League Snyder Cut fan poster.

With the Snyder Cut comes different arcs and scenes for just about every character, including Henry Cavill’s Superman. So far, the marketing for Justice League already features notable differences in Superman’s story, from how his resurrection following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is handled to the appearance of the long-awaited black suit. In the comics, Superman’s black suit is often seen as a sign of his recovery, as it helps him heal. Fans desperately wanted to see it in the theatrical cut of Justice League, but reshoots director Joss Whedon removed it entirely. However, that looks to change with the Snyder Cut.

In anticipation of Superman’s black suit in Justice League, fans have taken to creating pieces around it. The latest one comes from Yadvender Singh Rana and shows Superman at the height of his powers as he takes flight and fires lasers from his eyes. This is definitely a Superman who has recovered from his untimely death. Check it out down below.

One of the first clips of the Snyder Cut showed Superman not long after his resurrection wearing the black suit, and the Justice League trailer unveiled at DC FanDome showed him in it several times. Surely this will make up for the fact that the theatrical version had no black suit to speak of; it’s going to get its due in the Snyder Cut. Beyond that, Snyder’s Justice League promises to tell a more satisfying story for Superman, especially because he won’t be pointlessly asking Batman if he bleeds in this version. After years of waiting, fans are finally getting the Justice League they have long hoped for.

All that’s left to discover is when they will actually get it. There were initial reports that suggested HBO Max was aiming for an early-to-mid 2021 release, but a brief posting on the DC Press Portal website suggested it could premiere in September. Warner Bros. and HBO Max later said the date is inaccurate, but until an official one is announced, Justice League could premiere at any point in 2021. At least fans can take comfort in knowing it’s definitely coming in the future.